JGurgi_Sketch_©_Justin_Kunzustin Kunz has been a well-known name among the fandom for years, with his comprehensive character sketches and handful of full-color paintings inspired by the Prydain series floating around various art galleries and image searches for over a decade. After disappearing from the fandom scene for many years, he has re-emerged in light of the film news, and begun releasing the first of what we hope are many pieces of new artwork, along with blogging on his hopes for the films.

His latest post, Thoughts on Creating a Movement, encompasses perfectly what we intend to promote and grow with this site. Any Assistant Pig-Keepers who happen to be reading would do well to click through and read it in its entirety, but for the lazy semi-literate who can’t be bothered, at least take this away:

So… how can you help? What power do you have to make big things like this happen? More than you think! Send a message. Not necessarily a private message to a Disney exec, but an open, public message to the world through the Internet. Post your thoughts and make your case why you personally want to see these films. Tell the world what it is that makes Prydain meaningful to you—that great sensibility and spirit that made them so appealing in the first place. Share your personal stories, share your writing, music, photography, games, cosplay or whatever it is you do that relates to Prydain and its memorable characters. Share your artwork, your drawings, paintings, sculptures, 3D models and designs.

We need to start flooding the web with this stuff over the coming weeks and months, to show Disney that popular demand for Prydain is strong and rising like a tsunami. Create memes, make YouTube videos, put up web pages, blogs and fan sites. Share, “like,” repost, reblog and retweet all your favorite quotes and dialogue from the books with hashtags like #Prydain or #The Black Cauldron. Tag others you think might be interested in your pictures, videos and posts. Follow this blog to share and re-post the new Prydain concept sketches and paintings I plan to release each week over the next few months. You can also follow me on InstagramFacebookTumblr or Twitter and pass the artwork along to your followers on those platforms. And follow other blogs and fan pages posting things about Prydain. Do some daily Google searches for “Prydain,” the titles of the books in the series, and the names of characters like Taran, Eilonwy, Gurgi, Hen Wen, Gwydion, Achren or The Horned King, to drive traffic to these search terms and see if we can get them trending.

If enough people simply speak up and post your thoughts about Prydain on social media, if we make this thing compelling enough that it will spread until it goes viral, we can demonstrate to Disney that the project is a sure-fire hit with huge potential because the core audience is already here, waiting and hungry for it.”
We would add: participate on this site and all its affiliates, along with anything you uncover in social media. There is already a fair bit of Prydain fan content on the net, and we hope the numbers continue to grow. Prydain work can already be found at fanfiction.net, on comicfury, deviantart, youtube, tumblr, instagram, pinterest, flickr, and twitter. Join in and make some noise!