Last week’s blog post from Justin, as well as a lovely-looking design for the Book of Three. The three lines on the cover emblem put me in mind of the bardic symbol that becomes a key point in The Black Cauldron later.

Addressing the question on the minds of all self-respecting citizens of Prydain – namely, will Disney produce a film that does justice to this work, or are we in store for another disappointment on the level of The Black Cauldron? – Justin presents his argument that the House of Mouse is perfectly capable of handling this property well, and again appeals to the fans to make their voices heard:

For those who are still reluctant to give Disney the benefit of the doubt, please understand that thanks to the Internet and social media, you might actually have some influence on whether or not these films end up getting made. Think about it: if we act disinterested in the project, or pre-judge it as destined for failure, what would be the most likely thing that would happen? Disney producers would survey the fans’ reaction on the web and determine that the people saying “meh” outnumber the ones going “YEAH!” They would conclude that people don’t really care about seeing the world of Prydain in films, and without an eager audience they won’t risk the time and money it would take to actually do justice to these stories. The doubt and apathy of naysayers would then become a self-fulfilling prophecy: either the films wouldn’t happen at all, or they would simply be deferred for who knows how many more years while Disney patiently waits for a more receptive, enthusiastic audience to emerge.

Though I suspect there are a few in the fandom whose distrust of Disney is so great, they might actually prefer this scenario, I think most of us can agree that after waiting so many years for Prydain to return to the spotlight, it would be a shame to have this project die before it even hit the drawing board.

It is impossible just now to know where this road will end. But we can, at least, take the journey together.

New art! And a question: Will Disney make the Prydain movies right?